So you want to be a superyacht deckhand?

Entry into the superyacht industry

A superyacht deckhand’s duties include maintaining the yacht’s hull and deck, and helping with sailing, mooring and tender handling.

Far-reaching rewards

The superyacht industry relies on the skilled deckhands who keep the world’s most luxurious superyachts looking stunning.

So as a deckhand, you’ll take great pride in everything you do, completing all tasks to an impeccably high standard. You’ll have strong maintenance skills, from sanding and varnishing, to fibreglass repair and stripping down winches.

Typically your working day will start early, and finish late, so you’ll need to be energetic, enthusiastic and physically fit. Working onboard a superyacht means you’ll have to demonstrate a professional and hardworking attitude at all times, but the rewards are far-reaching.

The industry offers an enviable lifestyle and you’ll earn a great wage, often with generous tips on top, as well as embracing a fantastic social life. You’ll also travel, visiting the world’s most beautiful destinations.

With clear career progression along a structured route, there’s plenty of opportunity to continue your journey, gathering more skills and experience along the way.

“Life as a deckhand is hard work and something you have to be really passionate about, but I get such a buzz every time I’m out on the sea, it’s great. It’s a very sociable profession too, you have to have the right personality and be able to get on with people easily. I just want to be out on the sea all the time, learning new skills and getting more and more experience.”

Sam Sessions, Professional Yacht Cadetship

Superyacht Crew Training

An intensive course specially designed for young people wanting to give the industry a go before investing in further qualifications. Encompassing sailing, maintenance, and all legal requirements, you’ll gain everything you need to find work as a superyacht deckhand.

Ocean Training

A comprehensive course, you’ll cover over your sea miles and complete shore-based training in yacht maintenance, engineering, navigation and theory. You’ll qualify for an entry-level position in superyachting and work in the world’s most stunning locations.

Professional Yacht Cadetship

A four-year sandwich course combining shore-based theory lessons and practical training afloat with valuable industry experience. You’ll have the opportunity to earn, learn and travel the world on the largest superyachts.

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