So you want to be a yacht steward or stewardess?

A career for tireless perfectionists

Known as a ‘stew’, yacht stewards and stewardesses care for the interior of the yacht and its guests, consistently providing an impeccable level of service.

A great salary and even greater tips

As a yacht steward or stewardess, your role and daily responsibilities will be varied. A stew’s life includes cleaning, laundry and flower arranging but also serving intricate canapés and extravagant cocktails to guests.

You’ll need to be flexible and prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done to the best of your abilities. You’ll also be a tireless perfectionist who will take pride in completing each and every task to a faultless standard.

Working long hours to fulfil your guest’s every desire, sometimes from dawn until the early hours of the following morning, means you’ll need to be enthusiastic and energetic. But your hard work will be rewarded with a great salary, and on a busy charter yacht, even greater tips.

You’ll travel the world and spend your free time relaxing in the sunshine and will visit the world’s most exotic locations. You’ll work as part of a close and efficient team and meeting people from all walks of life, building friendships that will last forever.

As you gain valuable industry experience you’ll undoubtedly want to progress your career, moving into a chief steward or stewardess role or perhaps taking more of an interest in the finances and general management of the yacht and its crew by becoming a purser.

There are great career prospects for knowledgeable, hard-working stews who are passionate about what they do.

Superyacht Interior Foundation

Taught by a very experienced industry professional and her team, you’ll train in first-class hospitality and will learn basic sailing techniques, whilst also completing all necessary legal requirements.

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