So you want to be a yachting instructor?

Pass on your passion

A yachting instructor uses their skills and experience to teach students how to competently navigate and sail a yacht and how to safely command its crew.

Help people achieve their best

As a yachting instructor you’ll be a confident sailor with a love of the water and will enjoy inspiring others through your own passion for sailing.

You’ll be responsible for teaching groups of students by giving clear practical demonstrations and accurately explaining any part of the yachting syllabus in detail. You’ll undoubtedly be instructing people with various levels of experience at the same time and will need to ensure that each individual is nurtured and challenged, helping them to achieve their personal best.

Your teaching style will be engaging and patient, encouraging your students to not only learn to sail a yacht with confidence, but also to work as part of team. You’ll be constantly promoting strong communication between your students on-board and will instil the importance of safety in all those you teach.

Following the RYA scheme you’ll start off as a Cruising Instructor, teaching up to Dayskipper level. Once you’ve become more experienced you’ll be able to move into employment as a fully qualified Yachtmaster Instructor.

There are sailing schools all over the UK, and all around the world, so you’ll have the option to work locally or travel and teach abroad.

Professional Yachtmaster

During this course you’ll spend much of your time in a practical learning environment at sea and with an additional cruising instructor course, you’ll qualify as a professional Yacht Instructor.

Ocean Training

A comprehensive course, you’ll cover over your sea miles and complete plenty of shore-based training. You’ll qualify for a whole range of positions within the maritime industry, but by completing the Cruising Instructor course too, you’ll also be able to work as a Yacht Instructor.

Cruising Instructor

After gaining your Yachtmaster certificate you can take the Cruising Instructor course in addition. This will allow you teach up to RYA Dayskipper level in sail, and after gaining some experience teaching you can move on to becoming a Yachtmaster Instructor.

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