So you want to be a yacht steward or stewardess?

The steward or stewardess works in the interior of the yacht. His or her role is similar to that of a housekeeper.

What does a yacht steward / stewardess do?

As a yacht steward or stewardess, your role and daily responsibilities will be varied. Your duties will include everything from provisioning food and drinks to silver service, ironing and flower arranging to taking care of guests. Basically your job is to make sure that the interior of the yacht is kept pristine and the yachts guests are happy.

You’ll need to be hard working, enthusiastic and energetic, a perfectionist with a love of travel and all things luxury. Stews get to meet the owners and guests more than any other member of the crew so you will need to be friendly and confident. You will earn on average €2,600 per month (tax free) often with generous tips on top.

There are great career prospects for knowledgeable, hard-working stews who are passionate about what they do. As you gain experience you will have the option of moving into a chief steward or stewardess role or perhaps taking more of an interest in the finances and general management of the yacht and its crew by becoming a purser.

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