If you’re considering an alternative to university, have you thought about taking UKSA’s Watersports Instructor Training course? This industry-renowned course will qualify you to instruct in Dinghy Sailing, Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddleboarding and Windsurfing. With huge demand for high-calibre professionals within the watersports industry you could work anywhere in the world once you graduate, and UKSA graduates are guaranteed interviews with top employers.

George Purchon teaching students whilst training as a watersports instructor

Before coming to UKSA George Purchon was doing A levels and looking at ways to begin a career without going to university. He did consider university but was worried about the cost and the debt, and then he found UKSA. He began training with us in October 2014, straight after his A levels, and hasn’t looked back. George shares his story:

George Purchon surfing in Australia whistly training to be a watersports instructor

 A warm welcome made all the difference

“I decided that a watersports course would be the way forward and looked no further than UKSA – I was attracted by the equipment and close tuition and coaching. I didn’t have any watersports qualifications but I had tons of enthusiasm and drive. Everyone was across-the-board welcoming, from reception to the kitchen to other students on my course. Working for UKSA gave me the opportunity to teach and I had the rewarding experience of seeing how watersports can transform a shy and nervous person to one that rants and raves about sailing or windsurfing.”

George Purchon having fun on the water

My plans for the future

“Since graduating I have worked with companies in Australia, Greece and the UK – although the watersports industry spans the globe I’ve bumped into old friends wherever I’ve worked. In this industry you really do make friends for life. I’m now working for RS Sailing in the UK Sales Team and as always, I’m looking for a challenge. To that end, this year I’m running in the London Marathon for Leukemia Care and any sponsors would be welcome!”

George Purchon training as a watersports instructor

My advise to anyone considering this course

“I would advise anyone following the same career path as me to stick with it as making mistakes is how we learn. The friendships and connections that you make will pay dividends in the future – the person you meet today could give you a job tomorrow, or vice versa. I would also say that if you start the course in winter, like I did, get a good wetsuit!”

Considering an alternative to university?