It’s never too late to change careers

Portrait of Alison LindsayUKSA’s Superyacht Hospitality Training is a three-week programme designed to prepare you to deliver the kind of service essential to the elite superyacht industry. Delivered by renowned hospitality and maritime specialists, the broad and comprehensive syllabus will put you on a career path which could earn you €2,500 per month, tax-free.

Alison Lindsay had reached a pivotal point in her life when she decided to study the Superyacht Hospitality Training Course. After a high-profile media career, she realised that she had accumulated a wealth of transferable skills. Ideal for a new career in the superyacht industry. Alison shares her story:

My media career has given me a wealth of transferable skills

“Over ten years the media industry has changed and my job was becoming more desk-based. I was looking for a job which would allow me to both travel and use my previous experience. I had no idea about boats, but I had friends in the superyacht industry. I knew how to liaise with clients, host dinners and deal with high-end celebrities and the press. My career was spent networking and I was used to playing a social, hospitable role, and I felt that these skills would be valuable to a stewardess.”

Alison Lindsay in Lymington with Hospitality group

Sharing a room has been excellent for training and getting a feel of life on a yacht

“Living in the accommodation at UKSA has been excellent training for the 24/7 close proximity of life on a superyacht, and it’s been really interesting to meet people with different sets of skills. The Superyacht Hospitality Training Course is very diverse in its combination of activities and has delivered much more than I expected – we have done jetskiing, firefighting and powerboating as well as bartending and crew dynamics. The course tutors are excellent and UKSA is a great place to learn.”

Alison Lindsay on the fire fighting training

What type of boat are you looking to work on after graduation?

“When I finish this course I would like to work on a smaller, privately-owned family yacht, where I can look after people. I feel it is important to know that the boat you work on is the right one for you, as there is such diversity in the industry. I am learning Spanish at the moment and would like to go to Palma, but I will go wherever the crew and yacht take me.”

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