Arran King’s story:

I was introduced to UKSA by my uncle, Steve Rouse (UKSA’s career course mentor and principal lecturer) , who was simply trying to help me learn about the marine industry.

Ever since then things have just seemed to get better and better. I started helping out with bits and pieces for the watersports department which involved fetching and carrying etc.  UKSA then rewarded me for my hard work by letting me take a Powerboat Level 2 qualification.  This has been a big help and made me feel both more competent and more confident when out on the water.

Not long after, I was introduced to a knowledgeable man called Lee Jones (UKSA’s youth development coordinator) who has helped me push my way up the ladder. Lee has tried to involve me as much as possible to gain me more experience and a good reputation. One major event that I took part in last year was the annual Association of Sail Training Organisations’ Small Ships Race around the Solent.  This was a brilliant experience as I got a chance to train and race on-board UKSA’s flagship Farr 65 ‘Albatross II.

Having worked voluntarily for a year at UKSA at such a young age, I feel that it was a good idea and has certainly impacted on my future in a positive way.  Since volunteering at UKSA I have been introduced by family and friends to various captains and skippers around Cowes and have gained myself quite the reputation as an experienced RIB driver and superyacht crew. I have taken part in superyacht deliveries from all over the country involving a few large Sunseeker yachts and various sailing yachts as well. I feel that if I hadn’t first spent a large amount of time at UKSA, then I wouldn’t have developed some of the key physical, psychological, and social skills that are needed to take on some of the roles that I am now responsible for.