Here at UKSA we aim to give schools and groups an adventure they will never forget. We offer residential or non-residential visits specialising in sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing and team building. We hold an exemplary safety record – our instructors are fully qualified and work on a ratio of 1:6 for on-the-water activities. Visits with us are designed to be stress-free and everything is on-site, including sole-occupancy dormitory accommodation and an indoor heated swimming pool.

Blackheath School developing their water skills at UKSA

Blackheath Prep School first contacted us to see what we could offer their students. The school were exploring different watersports providers and decided that we offered an excellent opportunity for their students to be based centrally and securely for all the activities. “The professionalism of the staff alongside their mission statement made us choose UKSA,” said a spokesperson. “We have visited annually now for five years and our week is unadulterated fun for all involved. The staff and students have a unique experience which boosts friendships, encourages self-belief and builds character.

A ride on the jenny boat is often the first time our students experience open water

“The ferry ride on the jenny boats is often the students’ first experience of being on the open water, and when we pull directly into the UKSA base the students feel very special as they are welcomed immediately onto the site. All aspects of provision are excellent, everything from the friendly staff, the clean and spacious dorm rooms to the well-organised system in the dining room. There is a very professional feel around the site and it is evident in all the operations.

Blackheath School students on a handmade raft

Over the week the students grow in confidence

“The keel boating always gets the biggest response from our students as they begin to appreciate how much effort goes into sailing such a large boat. They get opportunities to rig masts, steer the rudder and set the course which really empowers them. Over the week the students always grow in confidence and began to alter their perceptions of their own abilities. They take more risks and are prepared to give everything a go. The use of the Skills for Life assessment this year was really useful and in keeping with what we are doing at school.

Teachers are challenged the same way as the students

“As teachers, we pride ourselves in getting involved with the students – being encouraged to do so by the UKSA staff makes the week fun for the adults too. We were challenged in the same way as the students, which helps them appreciate that we too must embrace difficulties and overcome challenges. We wanted the students to leave UKSA having built up resilience and with experience of life outside their usual comfort zones. This was met in everything they did. They realised the role they have in making something a success.

Blackheath School students learning to paddleboard on the solent

“Seeing how our students have benefitted from being challenged physically, socially and emotionally proves how important outdoor activity opportunities are for them. I would recommend the UKSA experience to any other educational establishment without reservation.”

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