Providing a safe space for young people to be challenged in an adventurous manner is of paramount importance to schools to see change in their students. We hosted the Blackheath Preparatory School in London and provided a programme that mapped their Skills for Life framework, developing the students’ confidence, maturity and mind-sets. Here’s what Assistant Head (Pastoral) Phil Watkins  said of the school’s experience:

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“We wanted the children to leave UKSA having built up their ability to cope with challenge, finding a resilient approach to risk and being outside of their normal comfort zone. This was met in everything they did. From prepping their beds, to getting their meals and tidying up at dinner, through to loading and unloading equipment, they realised the role they have in making something a success.


I would recommend the UKSA experience to any other educational establishment without reservation. Seeing how our children have benefited from being challenged physically, socially and emotionally only goes to prove how important an OAA opportunity is for the children. The week we visit UKSA is unadulterated fun for all involved. The staff and pupils have such a unique experience which boosts friendships, challenges self -belief and overall builds character.”


UKSA offers a safe learning environment to schools up and down the country, with uncontested levels of enjoyment from our students. More information about what we can offer schools, including preview weekends for teachers, can be seen by visiting here: safe-learning- environment/