Case Studies

Kinga Kluszewska – Superyacht Hospitality Training

Launching her 2019 career in Superyacht Hospitality As the elite superyacht industry grows year on year, so does the demand for highly-trained interior crew. In just three weeks UKSA’s Superyacht Hospitality Training course equips students with the essential skills demanded by owners of luxury superyachts. The average wage onboard these boats is €2,500 per month… Read more »

Alison Lindsay – From a desk job to launching my superyacht career

It’s never too late to change careers UKSA’s Superyacht Hospitality Training is a three-week programme designed to prepare you to deliver the kind of service essential to the elite superyacht industry. Delivered by renowned hospitality and maritime specialists, the broad and comprehensive syllabus will put you on a career path which could earn you €2,500… Read more »

Isobelle Oram – Superyacht Hospitality Training Course

The need for adventure and seeking a job that gave her kudos, Isobel Oram shares her story about the Superyacht Hospitality Training course UKSA’s Superyacht Hospitality Training is an all-inclusive, three-week programme delivered by the renowned Vanessa Hodgson, a Superyacht Management Consultant and ex-Chief Stewardess. We offer exceptional industry guidance including marine CV writing workshops… Read more »

Victoria Evans – Superyacht Hospitality Training

Armed with transferable skills, our Superyacht Hospitality training gives you the right tools to start a career in the Superyacht industry UKSA’s Superyacht Hospitality Course has been designed to train future stewards and stewardesses in the exacting standards required by superyacht industry employers. Over three weeks our students learn table management, bar tending, housekeeping, party… Read more »

From teaching watersports to a career as a superyacht stewardess

Launcher her 2019 career in superyacht hospitality As the superyacht industry continues to expand year on year, so does the demand for exceptionally well-trained interior crew. UKSA’s Superyacht Interior Foundation course delivers all the qualifications, practical skills, industry guidance, knowledge and support required by stewards and stewardesses at the beginning of their careers in this… Read more »

Waitress or Superyacht stewardess……which would you choose?

Thinking of working in hospitality? Considering a gap year? Where would you prefer to work – a 7* Superyacht or 5* hotel…..the choice is yours! If the only way you’re ever going to rub shoulders with billionaires is by working for them, you could do worse than provide hospitality on an impossibly elegant yacht or… Read more »

Making dreams a reality with UKSA’s Superyacht Hospitality Training

Training for a career as a superyacht stewardess, travelling the world while getting paid! Drama/Theatre Studies Uni student, Brooke Garwood, is dreaming about travelling the world on a superyacht while getting paid! Dreams will become reality post-University as she has just completed the UKSA Superyacht Hospitality Training course in her summer break. Brooke, whose work… Read more »

From Ironman to superyacht stewardess

After just 3 weeks of training, Lucy secured a job in the superyacht industry A 3-week UKSA Superyacht Hospitality Training course helped Lucy Ratcliff get a ticket to a job in the maritime industry. After working at the Palma International Boat show as a day sole stewardess/chef and training as a deckhand in Palma, she was… Read more »

Chrysanthi pursues a career in superyacht hospitality

I’m now working on a 30m superyacht in Greece as a sole stewardess Training at UKSA helps those looking for a career in the extremely competitive superyacht industry to gain an edge to stand out from the crowd. Courses enable students looking for an exciting job, combing work and travel, to embark on a life-changing… Read more »

Combing skills for a career at sea – Grace Pybus

I transformed my love of sailing to training for a career in the maritime industry! UKSA can open doors and new possibilities; one course can often lead to another. Now working on the water, where every day is different; her morning latte in the office has been swapped for coffee on deck with dolphins swimming… Read more »