Frequently Asked Questions

Who are UKSA’s beneficiaries 2016/17?

  • Most of UKSA’s 9,192 primary beneficiaries were young people under age 25 (76%) and 28% of them received funding
  • 257 youth beneficiaries completed courses
  • 140 young people aged 16-17 from the Isle of Wight completed the NCS programme with UKSA
  • 59 young people completed Further Education (FE) courses with 100% entering FE training, training or employment
  • 26% (40) of all schools & groups were funded
  • 28% (43) were from a “deprived” background (= from one of the 40% most deprived areas in the country – 2016 Gov. data)
  • 30% (46) of schools had a greater proportion of Special Education Needs students vs. national average (1.4%)
  • 41% (62) of schools had a > proportion of  students on Free School Meals vs. national average (26.4)
  • 382 individuals started one of our career (professional) training courses, 64 of these students received funding support  (valued at > £350,000) with:
    • 49% entering the superyacht industry
    • 23% entering the watersports industry

(Impact Report 2016/17 financial year)

What is UKSA’s income, and how much we hold in reserve?

As a registered charity UKSA’s accounts and financial information are available to the public via the Charity Commission website. The Charity Commission page also provides information on UKSA’s ~ Trustees and charitable objectives.

How many people work at UKSA and how many of them are volunteers?

The number of people working at UKSA can fluctuate from around 110 during the low season to 130 in the high season, due to the seasonal nature of our work. UKSA also have 15 volunteers, which include a Youth Board and the charity’s Trustees.

How is UKSA governed and structured?

  • UKSA is a charity registered as UK Sailing Academy.
  • The charity is administered by a Board of six unpaid trustees, who appoint the Chief Executive.
  • The Board meets six times a year at UKSA with the senior management team, to discuss strategy and the major issues affecting UKSA, as well as assessing performance. Decisions made at these meetings are enacted by the senior management team, who are responsible for the day to day running of the charity.

What policies does UKSA have in place?

UKSA has a number of policies in place, of which the following are the key ones:

  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Disability Strategy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Smoke Free Policy
  • Staff Development Policy

All paid staff, contracted instructors, volunteers and trustees who carry out their duties on UKSA’s premises or at other locations where UKSA activities are taking place are required to have Criminal Records Bureau enhanced checks on commencement of employment or engagement with UKSA.

All checks are repeated every two years.

Should you require further information regarding policies in effect at UKSA, please do not hesitate to contact our HR department.

What insurance cover does UKSA we have in place?

UKSA and its trading subsidiary are covered by insurance. A comprehensive review of levels of cover and exposure is part of standard governance and is carried out every 3 years.

Who are UKSA’s funding partners?

UKSA works with a number of trusts, companies and individuals to ensure that our water-based activities are available to all. A list of our charity partners is available here.