5 Day Residential for 25 London Children Living in Poverty

In June ’18, thanks to an amazing response from our supporters, we were thrilled to raise an incredible £13,000 through our Summer Give campaign to bring disadvantaged London children to UKSA during their summer holidays.

The Summer Give aims to support some of the 700,000 London children who currently live in poverty, during the summer holidays when they are most vulnerable. Over £1 million was raised in total by the 47 charities who took part in this year’s campaign which went towards supporting 15,000 youngsters from London.

Youngsters from Southside Young Leaders’ Academy taking to the seas.

Thanks to our campaign, 25 of those youngsters were able to visit UKSA last month, participating in a five-day residential watersports activities programme on the Isle of Wight.

Two groups of beneficiaries visited:

  1. Pupils from George Green’s School in Tower Hamlets
  2. Children from Southside Young Leaders’ Academy in Camberwell.

Participants were able to take part in a whole host of activities as part of their trip including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and paddleboarding, all designed to boost confidence and life skills, and broaden horizons.

All smiles from the Southside Young Leaders’ Academy youngsters.

Students enjoying the summer holidays at USKA

The students had an amazing time and, for many, this was the first time they had participated in these sorts of activities. The children and young people also reported a significant improvement in various soft skills subsequent to the programme, particularly self-belief and resilience, which improved by 14% and 24% respectively according to their survey scores.

All smiles from the Southside Young Leaders’ Academy youngsters.

Big thank you to all your generous sponsors

Stephen Moss, the leader accompanying the George Green’s School youngsters, said:

Thank you so much for enabling the residential trip for 17 of our students at UKSA, it was an experience most of them would not have been able to have were it not for your generous sponsors.

 The team of instructors kept them busy and engaged from breakfast to bedtime. Within an hour of arrival even the non-swimmers were hurling themselves into the water; Phil had persuaded them that if they ran fast enough down the slipway they could walk on water (with lifejackets of course!)…

 On the journey out they had been a school group, on the way home they were the George Green School Team; their parting shot “when can we go again sir?”         

We are delighted that the students who visited from George Green’s School will now have the opportunity to continue their watersports adventures through the school’s newly established Sea Cadets unit.

George Green’s School pupils walking on water.

Precious memories – an experience they will never forget!

Overall, our inaugural Summer Give programme was a tremendous success; not only because it gave these young people an amazing opportunity to develop confidence and life skills but, most importantly, because it gave them a summer experience never to forget!

We hope that their experience enabled them to return to school this month with an extra spring in their step.