Sea.Change Fund

Sea.Change Fund

Creating social change, personal development and employment through UKSA’s world class water-based adventures and maritime programmes to achieve lasting impact and positive outcomes for our beneficiaries.

By supporting UKSA’s Sea.Change Fund you are giving young people for all backgrounds the opportunity to make a positive change in their future. Programmes you will be supporting:

Sea.Change Foundation  

The Sea.Change Foundation is an inspirational 5-day residential programme, running through the school holidays, for teenagers across the UK to learn about training and careers in the maritime sector.

Leave No Child Behind  

We know that many children and young people are missing out on life changing opportunities because schools, local authorities and parents simply cannot afford to pay for them. Our aim is to remove both financial and social barriers to enable young people from any background to achieve their best and gain life changing experiences, qualifications and employment.

Test the Water  

The Test the Water programme offers all year 6 primary school children on the Isle of Wight, the chance to participate in a half-day FREE watersports session. The aim of this programme is to support all of our young people to gain water-confidence alongside introducing them to sailing.

Launching maritime Careers 

UKSA is one of the world’s leading maritime training providers and is passionate about helping young people advance in the world of sailing. We provide considerable funding for our career training programmes and want to widen the opportunities to young people that deserve and need it most.