“Whether it’s a week’s residential or a longer career course, we are making a difference”

Ben Willows, UKSA CEO

UKSA is a positive environment and our residential and part-residential courses have a huge impact on our young people. Engaging in challenge and adventure using the water blends fun with an introduction to new industries and new experiences. We believe in the power of the water to deliver Skills for Life – communication, decision making, participation, self-belief, determination and resilience.

Two student practical training on board a yacht

We split what happens when young people come here into three distinct stages, the UKSA Lasting IMPACT model:

  • Engagement – we prepare and help people understand the expectations, destinations and outcomes of their time with us
  • Catalyst – we define this as the duration of the course, or time spent with us. This is where we enhance life skills, work skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience
  • Destination – what happens after the course – i.e employment, education and healthy engagement within society. At this point the young people become our alumni, some become our young ambassadors but all become a part of the UKSA family