How to leave a gift in your will 

UKSA’s vision is to widen access to maritime training, to enhance life skills and employment in the sector, and to make sailing and watersports accessible to all.

“My life has gone from office work, with a 9-5 motorway commute, to travelling the world on a superyacht; it’s life-changing stuff. I owe a lot to UKSA for getting me kick-started, and for making me as happy as I am!” – Lewis Griffiths, Noel Lister Memorial Fund Beneficiary 

Last year, 5,000 young people participated in one of our adventure learning programmes; on average their life skills, such as resilience and self-esteem, improved by 20%. Over 400 individuals completed a careers course with us; 61% went on to gain employment in the maritime industry.

Donations and gifts in Wills allow us to offer transformational opportunities to young people in need of financial support.

In 2017, over a third of UKSA’s students received financial support thanks to funding from trusts and foundations, local authorities and individual donors. This meant that nearly 4,000 young people were able to experience life skills or careers programmes with us.

We are always especially humbled when an individual chooses to remember UKSA in their will or when a family chooses to remember a loved one by supporting young people on our programmes.

Thanks to memorial funds, in 2018 we were able to support 74 young people. This includes 41 careers students and over 30 schoolchildren who were able to spend part of their summer holiday with us.

We want to continue to be able to offer these opportunities to deserving young people; by leaving a gift in your will or by setting up a fund in memory of a loved one, you could help us to achieve this and be a part of our future.

Legacies of adventure at UKSA

Memorial funds are helping to turn people’s lives around at UKSA.

Daisy McDonnell
Daisy’s story is a truly inspirational one. Having overcome considerable personal adversity which resulted in her living on the streets, Daisy enrolled on a Prince’s Trust Team programme and received a grant to begin an apprenticeship as an outdoor instructor. From there, she decided to pursue a career in the yachting industry. Daisy was able to realise this dream thanks to support from various bursaries, including the Milo Hanlon Bursary and the Stephen Thomas Bursary. Grants from these in-memoriam funds enabled Daisy to complete Phase 1 of a Professional Yacht Cadetship programme at UKSA, and subsequently, she gained employment in the superyacht sector. We hope this marks the start of a long and successful career in the maritime industry for Daisy as she works towards becoming an Officer.

“I am surrounded by like-minded, happy people and am living at sea. I am in my element and have learned to accept my past”

Read more about Daisy’s Story

Polly’s Challenge
In the summer of 2018, 33 children were able to take part in a five-day adventure learning programme, thanks to the family and friends of Polly Birch. Polly’s Challenge was established to enable disadvantaged Isle of Wight children to have fun, be adventurous and learn new skills through participation in sailing and watersports. The young beneficiaries had an amazing experience, participating in many new activities and reporting an average improvement of 27% in their self-belief and resilience following the programme.

“Thank you for this amazing course, I have enjoyed every moment of it, especially the dinghy sailing. It has inspired me to continue to learn to sail and to start saving up for my own dinghy.”

“This was awesome because it gave me chances that I could not have normally.”

Find out more about Polly’s Challenge

Be part of our legacy

As you can see, these legacy gifts have made a tremendous difference to the lives of young people; imagine the difference you could make if you left a gift to UKSA in your will.

Gifts in wills
If the time is ever right for you to include a gift in your will, please consider UKSA. Every gift, however large or small, will make an enormous difference to the young people we support.

How do I leave a gift in my will?
We are always extremely grateful for any gift we receive. There are several different types of gift that you can leave in your will, the most usual being:

Residuary gift – you can leave a share of or the remainder of an estate;

Pecuniary gift  – you can leave a specific amount of money;

Specific gift – you can leave a specific item such as jewellery or property.

To leave a gift in your will, you just need to inform your solicitor of your intentions. If you are unsure which type of gift is best for you, your solicitor will advise you. You need the following details:

Name: UK Sailing Academy
Address: UKSA, Arctic Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 7PQ
Registered charity number: 299248

In memoriam gifts
A gift in memory of a loved one can be a beautiful way to honour them. You can celebrate someone’s life by setting up a special fund in their memory and help to turn young people’s lives around through UKSA.

How do I leave an in memoriam gift?
If you are considering making an in memoriam gift in honour of a loved one, please contact our Partnerships Team to discuss your wishes. They will be able to provide more information on potential programmes and beneficiaries.

Our Partnerships Team can be contacted by phone on 01983 301895, or email on [email protected] or by post at UKSA, Arctic Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 7PQ.