RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Online Course

About the course

This interactive online course, delivered to you via Zoom in a series of 2 hour sessions, will introduce you to the principles of celestial navigation, the practical use of the sextant, the measurement of time, position fixing by the sun and stars, compass checking and great circle sailing.

Train virtually with our expert instructors and study concepts of worldwide meteorology, including tropical revolving storms and passage planning for ocean voyaging.
The course runs Monday to Friday for 2 weeks (a total of 10 days training). Each day there will be two x 2 hour sessions of interactive instruction.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll have a firm understanding of the theory of astronavigation and be able to fix a position using sun, moon, star and planet sightings. You’ll be awarded RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory Certification.


  • Passage planning
  • The Sextant
  • Measurement of time
  • Satellite Navigation systems
  • Great circle sailing
  • The PZX triangle
  • Compass checking
  • Sun, star and other sightings
  • Meteorology
  • Passage making
  • Meridian altitudes
  • The earth and celestial sphere
  • Communications

What’s included?

  • Plotters and dividers
  • All course materials including RYA Coastal/Yachtmaster ocean course notes and training almanac
  • Unlimited access to qualified RYA Yachtmaster ocean instructors (via email, phone and zoom)
  • All exams are included in the course fee

** Reminder that the exam will be classed as uninvigilated, Therefore if your end goal it to progress on to the MCA Yacht quals you will need to sit an invigilated exam at a recognised RYA centre.


The cost of this virtual online classroom course is £299.00

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