Social Distancing at UKSA for Visitors

Social Distancing at UKSA for Visitors Policy

The COVID-19 emergency requires all of us to work together in the national interest to protect the health and safety of everyone, jobs and our maritime economy. UKSA take safety of our teams, students and visitors seriously. COVID-19 pandemic is potentially life threatening, we have therefore put social distancing measures in place in accordance with COVID-19 government guidelines and requirements. UKSA will continue to follow government guidelines regarding COVID-19 prevention. As a result; this policy may be subject to change at short notice. Updates will communicated  by UKSA as ‘All Staff’ e-communication. It is everyones responsibility to abide by this policy as well as related Procedures/Risk Assessments.

On the rare occasion where an emergency situation applies everyone should revert to normal UKSA emergency procedures.

1. UKSA Responsibilities

Our priority is to keep you safe.To ensure that all activities are undertaken safely and this policy is clearly understood throughout UKSA we will:

· Enforce a 1 metre social distancing rule at all times, ensuring there is enough room in all work areas where reasonably possible.
· Provide Hand Sansitiser at key location points across the UKSA site.
· Keep internal doors open and pathways clear where possible to avoid unnecessary risk of contact whilst not compromising site security.
· Thoroughly cleanse all surfaces throughout the day.
· Review this policy at least annually or more frequently if significant changes occur.
· Where people need to be onsite, we will instruct staff and students to remain within a UKSA bubble or work alone, and not to socially mix with other people on site.
· Minimise visits from external customers and partners to the absolute minimum.
· Communicate important changes to COVID-19 guidance to ensure the continued safety of our staff.

2. UKSA Employee Responsibilities in relation to visitors

Under this policy UKSA employees are recognised as: Employed permanent staff and external contracted staff. You are responsible for managing your own health and minimizing the risk of COVID-19 spread to others. UKSA expect all employees to adhere to COVID-19 Social Distancing rules including:

• You should advise visitors that if they have to come to UKSA for a meeting, they should wash their hands before leaving and avoid public transport.
• Avoid arranging to meet visitors on site where possible.
• Meetings must ideally be held using video conferencing or telephone, if face to face meetings use a well ventilated room or hold them outside in the fresh air if possible.
• Employees and visitors should apply hand sanitiser before entering reception/office space.
• Respect all site users and keep to the 1 metre social distancing rule at all times.
• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and bin the tissue straight away
• Do Not spend more time onsite than is necessary to conduct your business/work..
• Adhere to all UKSA procedures relating to COVID-19 safety.

3. Visitor Policy

Government guidelines tell us that social distancing is one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of COVID-19. Everyone has their part to play in this and UKSA policy requires staff, students and visitors to adhere to these rules. To minimize the risk of COVID-19 it is important to:

a. Manage visitor appointments at distance via telephone or video conference where possible.
b. If a visitor must be seen on site, meeting should be held outside.
c. Visitors must be instructed to use hand sanitizer before entering Reception and other buildings.
d. You and your visitor must stay 1 metres apart from other people.
e. Do not allow visitors to spend more time on site than is necessary.
f. Deliveries must be left at Reception or managed within a preset delivery time.
g. External trainers and visitors staying overnight must provide a negative lateral flow test 72 hours before arrival.

4. Moving around buildings and worksite

Social Distancing on site is the safe way of minimising the spread of disease whilst at work. When visitors are required to move around UKSA onsite they are required to:

a. Sign-in at Reception.
b. Avoid face to face contact with others onsite.
c. Wash their hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds or use santiser from the appointed locations.
d. Keep 1 metre1 appart from others at all times.
e. Equipment and tools should not be borrowed or lent to others.

5. Accidents, Security and other incidents

Report all incidents, security matters or accidents immediately to the duty manager or relevant person(s).

a. Take prevent measures but do not put your self at risk or others.
b. Where possible continue to apply 1 metre social distancing rule.
c. First Aiders must wear appropriate PPE when attending incidents/ accidents.


Information and documentation will be held and processed in line with GDPR guidelines.