Student Bubble Procedure

Student Bubble Procedure

The COVID-19 emergency requires all of us to work together in the national interest to protect the health and safety of everyone, jobs and our maritime economy. UKSA take safety of our teams, students and customers seriously. COVID-19 pandemic is potentially life threatening, we have therefore put social distancing measures in place in accordance with COVID-19 government guidelines and requirements. UKSA will continue to follow government guidelines regarding COVID-19 prevention. As a result; this policy may be subject to change at short notice. Updates will communicated  by UKSA to students via email and/or website. It is everyones responsibility to abide by this policy as well as related Procedures/Risk Assessments. Failure to do will be taken seriously and  may lead to disciplinary action.

1. Introduction

  1. This procedure applies to all education, leisure and maritime training students during Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. The aim of the procedure is:
  3. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and staff
  4. To minimize the risk and spread of Covid-19 at UKSA
  5. To ensure our students can enjoy a maritime learning experience in a safe training environment.

This procedure should be be read in conduction with UKSA Social Distancing for Students Policy QHS-012 and Students Code of Conduct QSG-001.

2. Understanding a working bubble

  1. A group of learners and UKSA staff.
  2. Each bubble is identified by a single coloured lanyard
  3. Each bubble will remain together at all times other than by permission of their UKSA Staff member.
  4. Everyone working within a bubble must remain at least 1 metre apart at all times and will not mix with people outside of their bubble whilst on the UKSA site.
  5. Students should avoid sitting face to face with other students within your bubble. Where this is not possible; you should remain 2 metres apart at all times where reasonably possible.
  6. Each bubble will go direct to their designated classroom at the beginning of the day.
  7. Each bubble will adhere to the lunch break protocol as instructed by their UKSA Instructor/Duty Manager.

3. Moving around buildings and worksite

Social Distancing on site is the safe way to minimise the spread of disease whilst at UKSA. Student bubbles will ensure you come into contact with a limited number of people thereby minimising risk to spreading disease. When learning onsite you are required to:

  1. Stay within your prescribed UKSA Student bubble.
  2. Avoid face to face contact with others onsite.
  3. Wash your hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds or use santiser from the appointed locations.
  4. The use of face coverings is mandatory in communial areas.
  5. Equipment and tools should not be borrowed or lent to anybody outside of your bubble.
  6. Use telephone, WhatsApp and/or video conferencing to talk to UKSA staff from other departments.
  7. Face to face meetings should avoided and only held outside in the fresh air if deemed essential.
  8. You should avoid entering other rooms/offices outside of your own working space.