An innovative scheme aims to involve local young people in a project to regenerate a children’s play park in Cowes.

The green area at Maxted Close has suffered repeated vandalism over the years so before putting more money into the project Spectrum Housing Group turned to us here at UKSA, as we run a series of successful engagement programmes for young people.

Lee Jones, Youth Development Co-ordinator at UKSA, explained: “The idea is for two of our inspirational instructors to work a bit of their magic on the local community by going out wearing visible UKSA branding to befriend and recruit a team of young people. Once a team of young people has been established they will focus on exploring the different ways of improving the piece of land.

“Involving local young people to improve the land gives them the feeling of ownership and with the right level of support and encouragement from local residents and agencies they could see their ideas become a reality.

“The team will use UKSA as a meeting hub to share their ideas and they will participate in watersports sessions and team-building activities which are proven to help raise confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and improve listening and communication skills.

“Our instructors Jack Mitchell and Miguel Rita will be out in the local community actively looking for young participants, so please go over and say hello if you see them. They will be driving one of our minibuses and wearing UKSA branded clothing.

“If you would like to get involved or know a young person who would benefit, please contact me, Lee Jones, on 294941 or email me at [email protected]

The team of young people will present their ideas to the community and hand them over to Spectrum Housing Group in April.