Liam goes to the Studio School in East Cowes, and comes to UKSA for work experience every Thursday, where he is based in the busy kitchen.


“My name is Liam Blackwell from the Studio School and at UKSA I have been doing work experience in the kitchen. It surprised me that everybody is really nice and has made me feel welcome. My favourite task is making the cakes. I look forward to my time at UKSA because it is always fun to come and work here and we all have a laugh! I have learnt that I have more confidence than I thought I did and I have learnt how to make a lot more different foods than I knew before. It’s different to my time at school because I’m on my feet a lot more, but I learn more here. My work experience will help and be useful to me when I’m older, because I want to be a chef, so this the perfect place for me to learn.”