UKSA courses are designed to develop essential skills for life

At UKSA, our courses and programmes are designed to help students develop skills for life such as communication, participation, decision making, self-belief, determination and resilience.


Our Watersports Manager, Gary Kurth, is passionate about sharing his expertise with students at UKSA, increasing confidence on-the-water. He explains, “For most students, the opportunity to take part in on-the-water activities is a new experience and they may have mixed emotions about their stay with us. But talk to our staff – we care. We have a whole range of tricks up our sleeves that we can introduce to overcome any anxiety that a student may have. There’s nothing wrong with taking a step back and starting again if that’s what is needed.” Teamwork skills are something that every student is sure to develop at UKSA. Gary highlights that “Almost everything we do at UKSA requires teamwork. By joining in with every activity, students help each other and, in doing so, help themselves too.”


At UKSA we pride ourselves on the fantastic experience we provide for visiting schools and groups. As Gary explains, the vibe on campus is “relaxed and worry-free. Our staff take care of every little detail, and groups and individuals can immerse themselves in the bubble of activity provided. From transport to accommodation, meals to safety provision, UKSA’s delivery means that everyone can make the most of their time with us.”

image-3Gary finds the feedback sessions we run particularly rewarding, as “Visiting leaders have shared some wonderful experiences. The most fulfilling ones are when the leaders, who really know their students, get to see a side of them they have not seen before – when the kids become kids again and have a great experience away from their normal social pressures.” For more information about the programmes at UKSA, please visit: