Schools and groups visiting UKSA might be interested to hear about the ground-breaking renewable heating system that was installed at the swimming pool last year.

Thanks to a £50,000 grant from the Big Lottery Fund, our indoor heated pool is now a ‘green’ pool, boasting an innovative heating and hot water system – the first of its type ever to be installed.

Isle of Wight company Minus7 were the brains behind the system, which uses endo-thermic panels on the roof of the pool building to harvest energy.

The energy can be collected from air temperatures as low as -7c, and is delivered to a heat store (solar energy processor) which heats the pool water. This makes the pool heating a completely sustainable green energy source, removing the need for gas.

Any spare heat from the pool then feeds into the kit-drying rooms. These rooms now run on an automatic system that turns the mains boiler off for the green heating to kick in, and turns back on when the green energy needs replenishing.

Left-over heat from this process then feeds into a cold store which services the air conditioning in another large room, turning on automatically when people are in the room and it reaches a certain temperature.

Chris Frisby, facilities manager at UKSA, explained: “This grant from the Big Lottery Fund paid for 50% of the cost for us to lead the way environmentally and install this state-of-the-art system. Previously we used gas to heat the pool and now we have massively reduced our carbon footprint by switching to renewable energy.

“It is also saving us money, which clearly is important for us as a charity. The system is working extremely effectively and we are really happy with it.”

Any group leaders who think their students would benefit from learning more about the technology behind the system while they are at UKSA can arrange a tour by appointment only. Just let the Schools and Groups team know when you book your next visit.