A Portsmouth student has been awarded funding to train for a career working on luxury superyachts. Harry Mist, 21 is currently on phase one of the Superyacht Cadetship.

Harry began his training in October after being selected for a coveted bursary by Seafarers UK and topped up by the Milo Hanlon Bursary. As a real alternative to university, the course combines study sessions and sea phase training at UKSA, with work as deckhands on superyachts. The course also includes a Foundation Degree in Operational Yacht Science delivered in conjunction with Falmouth Marine School and validated by the University of Plymouth. While working, students can typically earn €2,000 a month tax free (not including tips), and while once onboard a vessel almost all their living costs are covered by the yacht too. If sensible, students can graduate debt free and sail into a lucrative career.

Harry, always wanted to work at sea and his ultimate goal was superyachts. As he scrolled the internet he discovered UKSA, which was just a short hop across the Solent from his home, so he went over for an open day and liked what he saw.

On being granted funding he said: “The funding helped massively, and without it I wouldn’t be on this course. Previously I was a pub manager trying to help support my mum financially. I liked my job at the pub but it was not going to be my career. You spend so much time at work you might as well enjoy it. Working on superyachts will give me the lifestyle, I’ll be able to see the world and travel and earn decent money. Already this course has been great preparation for my future career.”