UKSA is delighted to have formed a partnership with legalmatters, which will offer cost-effective legal solutions to all our supporters.

Here, David Birchall, Director at legalmatters, offers his own blog post:
I am delighted to announce that as part of our drive to support charitable giving legalmatters is joining forces with UKSA. UKSA is a charity that supports predominantly young people and to coin their own phrase, they offer “transformational opportunities to young people” helping to inspire a range of individuals into the yachting world on or off the water.
Our aim is to help UKSA to raise funds, help to deliver a sustainable future for the charity and provide education about career and estate planning for the many young people that pass through the doors of UKSA every year.
It seems as though I have come full circle because the first time I set foot on the UKSA shores in the Isle of Wight was some 20 years ago when my now wife was undertaking her own professional crew training. I can vividly recall many a choppy Red Funnel crossing to West Cowes and various meetings in Lymington at the weekend as she was put through her yacht crew training and what to me seemed like exceptionally hard work in whatever the elements had to deliver – day or night!
However the point is that the experience my wife had was an unbelievably rewarding one in a close knit team environment that had a significant positive influence on her life she could not have possibly achieved elsewhere. That culture has quite obviously been built upon and carried through over the years into what is now a training academy that trains nearly one in every six yacht captains in the world.
I met the new CEO of UKSA, Richard Thornton, last year at their 2013 new strategy launch and when I visited their HQ on the Isle of Wight again I discovered an incredible entrepreneurial spirit existed within the charity. What I mean by that is the desire to make sure that all those young people that either visit on a school trip, sign up for a professional training course or are on a residential course come out of the experience with a valuable commodity at the end of it. For some that means the
direction of their life can change from being unemployed and on benefits into a job and for everyone there is the knowledge that there is an opportunity to develop a career in the sailing industry at the end of their course.
Sailing can often be seen as a pursuit of the rich or only taken part in by an exclusive demographic of people but that could not be further from the truth. UKSA’s youth development programmes to unlock the potential in young people, help to rehabilitate youngsters who may have strayed away from the right path and offer a first insight to a career on the water to school age children sit at the heart of the charity.
The story of UKSA is an inspirational one as is the fact that up to 9,000 young people a year experience the expertise, facilities and rewards on offer at UKSA with most leaving either with a
job or new skills to get one. The only way that UKSA can develop these facilities and offer a brighter future to even more young people is with more support. It is why legalmatters has chosen UKSA as a partner charity and why we are donating our time and expertise to help educate about essential planning when in a career, raise awareness of the need to help the financial future of UKSA by leaving a legacy in a Will and donating 50% of our legal fees all year round to UKSA through our Legal Fees Donation Scheme.
You can find out more about our partnership with UKSA at