Dinghy Minis

Getting your kids into dinghy sailing can be hugely rewarding and a great way of introducing them to skills and ignite a lifetime’s passion.

Our Dinghy Mini course is a great introduction to dinghy sailing for children who are 6 and 7 years old. The course will help build water confidence through fun sailing-based activities in a safe learning environment in a 3-1 instructor ratio.

A young girl mastering a mini dinghy

Prerequisite experience:

  • None


  • 3 hours a day over 5 days


  • £175

Activities include:

  • Pirate Day 
  • Treasure hunts
  • Olympic Day

What’s included:

All equipment and tuition.

Children are supervised at all times.

Dinghy Mini's 6-7yrs AM22/07/201926/07/2019 £185
Dinghy Mini's 6-7yrs AM29/07/201902/08/2019 £185
Dinghy Mini's 6-7yrs AM05/08/201909/08/2019 £185
Dinghy Mini's 6-7yrs AM12/08/201916/08/2019 £185
Dinghy Mini's 6-7yrs AM19/08/201923/08/2019 £185
Dinghy Mini's 6-7yrs AM26/08/201930/08/2019 £185