Develop your expertise

Our navigation and seamanship theory courses are designed to help you unravel the mysteries of navigation, pilotage, passage planning, and meteorology.  You can take these as stand-alone courses, but they also compliment other practical training courses.

All courses are equally applicable to sail and motor yachts. So whether you are a sailor or a motorboater, our shorebased courses equip would-be and experienced skippers with enough knowledge, at least in theory, to go afloat and take charge of a yacht.

Shorebased courses

Navigating a vessel today requires full integration of all techniques – traditional and electronic – in a seamless fashion. To do this successfully requires in-depth understanding and knowledge of the essentials of navigation as well as familiarity with the multitude of modern electronic aids.

Whether you are new to navigation, or an experienced enthusiast, our range of courses will increase your knowledge and skills, from the basics of navigation and electronics, through to ocean theory.

A practical navigation course exercise with radar
  • Study RYA Radar Certification with our introduction to using radar in small boats to avoid collisions and to navigate.
  • RYA Day Skipper Shorebased and practical combined programme, enables you to complete both the theory and practical training for RYA Day Skipper.
  • Yachtmaster Shorebased programme offers an advanced course in the theory of navigation and meteorology tailored to the more advanced sailors.
  • Yachtmaster Ocean Shore-based course covers celestial navigation, worldwide meteorology, and voyage planning.
  • RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance will give you the internationally recognised skills and qualifications needed to start your career as a yacht engineer.
  • Marine Radio Short Range Certificate course introduces you to the use of a marine VHF radio equipped with a Digital Selective Calling (DSC) facility.