RYA Radar

The RYA Radar course is an introduction to the use of radar on small boats as an aid to collision avoidance and navigation. At UKSA we run this as a two day course to not only provide you with the basic introduction to the use of radar, but also a more in depth knowledge that goes beyond the RYA syllabus. The course also include simulator time in our Transas simulator suite, which allows time to practise using radar effectively and safely, leaving you with a much greater level of confidence in its usefulness as an aid to both collision avoidance and precise navigation and pilotage.

A navigation course taking place in the Transas simulator suite

Pre-requisite experience:

Successful completion of RYA Day Skipper Shorebased course or a level of Navigational knowledge up to RYA Day Skipper level.


2 days


RYA Radar Certification

What’s included:

All food and accommodation for one night at UKSA.