Powerboat and Personal Watercraft Courses

Our powerboat courses help you enjoy the thrills of powerboating and jet-skiing safely.

The RYA Powerboat Level 2 course teachs you safe driving and handling skills for short day trips in a powerboat and enable you to become a competent powerboat driver.

A student on the Powerboat and Personal Watercraft Course

Our Safety Boat training teaches you the skills required to act as an escort craft, safety boat or coach boat for a fleet of dinghies, windsurfers or canoes – both for racing and training activities.

A female student enjoying Jet-Skiing through the UKSA Personal Watercraft Course

If you’re interested in jet-skiing, our Personal Watercraft course helps you master the skills you need to operate personal watercraft safely and confidently at sea. Successful candidates receive an RYA Certificate of Proficiency.

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