From a Google search to a fun unique residential experience

The staff at Longlands discovered UKSA in a google search for a residential centre that offered predominantly water-based experiences. After speaking to other centres that were unable to fulfill such a specific requirement, they found our website and looked no further.

Longlands Primary School enjoying dinghy sailing with UKSA

We wanted a unique experience – UKSA provided adventures and challenges they hadn’t experienced before

“We wanted the children to receive a unique experience that would encapsulate the notion of a broad and balanced curriculum,” said a spokesperson. “It is increasingly difficult to find opportunities that children may not have already experienced, but UKSA gave them adventures and challenges that they had never had before. What really impressed us was that all the money generated by UKSA was put back into the equipment and staff training, so we had complete confidence about the quality of what was on offer. Also, we felt that the environment was very safe and secure which is essential when you are trying to organise a residential visit.

Longlands Primary developing their team-building skills on the water with UKSA

We had experiences that both the children and adults will remember for the rest of their lives

“The activity that we all enjoyed the most was stand-up paddleboarding, though going out on a keelboat was an experience that both the children and adults will remember for the rest of their lives. Each activity presented a new perspective on watersports, with a challenge that required a different set of skills. The visit helped to cement the bonds of an already close year group – the children really felt a part of something. Many of them came back to school very keen to undertake watersports activities which, under normal circumstances, they might never have experienced.

Longlands Primary enjoying practical water-based skills with UKSA

They enjoyed every last second – especially the cake!

“Our aim was for the children to enjoy themselves and they really did enjoy every last second at UKSA. Three of them had birthdays during our stay and we were bowled over by the standard of the cakes that were especially baked for them. The thought that went into the cakes surpassed anything we were expecting. Ultimately, the engagement and warmth demonstrated by the whole UKSA team impressed us throughout the whole process, from the initial enquiry right through to waving us off on the last day.”

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