MCA Approved Engine Course

The MCA Approved Engine Course (AEC) develops your basic understanding from the RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance course to a more advanced level. It provides the practical basic hands on training and theoretical knowledge of  diesel engines to enable you to work on board yachts as engineer/ duel deck engineer within the yacht, workboat, fishing, tugs sectors of the maritime industry.

Who is the AEC course for?

This course is the first level qualification for the MCA Engineering Officer training scheme.

Students learning the basics of marine engineering

Pre-requisite experience:

Minimum age 18 years old.

If you have no previous engineering experience we would advise that you attend an RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance before completing this course.


4 Days (30 hours)

Qualify for:

Enables you to work as engineer onboard a vessel over 24m, including dual role deck / engineer positions.

What’s included:

Includes all food and accommodation for the duration of your course. You won’t find better value!


  • MCA Approved Engine Certificate (AEC)

Student using marine measuring devices

MCA Approved Engine Training Course Certificate Syllabus

  • General principles of compression ignition engines
  • Two- and four-stroke operation cycles and construction details
  • Fuel system and the role of air in the combustion process
  • Cooling systems and lubrication technology
  • Power transmission units and hull fittings
  • Engine electrical systems
  • Safe working practices and pollution legislation
  • Bottled LPG installations

Please follow the link for the full MCA Approved Engine Certificate (AEC) syllabus.

Looking to work on vessels over 24 metres?

Note:  You will be required to hold the STCW Basic Safety Training qualification.

Approved Engine Course 109/12/201912/12/2019 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 114/01/202017/01/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 103/02/202006/02/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 129/02/202003/03/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 123/03/202026/03/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 117/04/202020/04/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 126/05/202029/05/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 111/06/202014/06/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 118/07/202021/07/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 101/09/202004/09/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 104/10/202007/10/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 123/10/202026/10/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 127/11/202030/11/2020 £800 £740
Approved Engine Course 126/01/202129/01/2021 £800 £740