Developing your senior crew to become great leaders

As yachts and superyachts have increased in size over recent years, so have their crews.  The demands on leaders to manage crew and balance priorities has significantly increased. Being a great Captain or Chief Officer is no longer enough, you also have to be project manager, liaison officer, team motivator and social worker all rolled into one!

The close proximity and intensity of the working environment has significant impact on performance, crew morale and crew retention.

Bringing leadership and expertise to the Superyacht Industry

Research has shown that when a group of individuals are brought together as a team, the level of performance is less than the sum of the individuals. Each team member brings their own thoughts, ideas, emotions and behavioural styles to the team.

UKSA has approval from the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) to offer programmes and course modules required to obtain internationally recognised Certificates of Competency (CoC).

The overall aim of these modules is to provide masters and officers with the necessary knowledge, understanding and proficiency to safely and efficiently manage the ships resources and personnel.

Students must insure they meet the entry qualification requirements for each course.