Human Element, Leadership and Management (Management Level)

The MCA approved Human Element, Leadership and Management (Management Level) course provide Masters and Officers with the knowledge, understanding, skills and tools to effectively manage and lead crew aboard. This five day course will use a mixture of group facilitation, participation, group exercises and discussion. The course encourages participation, sharing of best practice, knowledge and experiences.

Who is the HELM M for:

Candidates training towards:

Prerequisite experience:

  • Deck or Engine certificate of competency at Operational level
  • Completed the Human Element, Leadership and Management (HELM) (Operational Level) course


5 days (100% attendance)

HELM M course objectives: 

By the end of the course participants will be able to:-

  • Explain the relevance of the human element in shipboard management.
  • Describe the challenges of the ‘human element’.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of a leader to themselves, individual crew and the team.
  • Demonstrate assertive communication.
  • Describe different personality types and the impact on communications.
  • Identify what motivates and demotivates individuals.
  • Understand the importance of setting and maintaining high standards.
  • Understand how to acquire and maintain situational awareness and its influence on reducing incidents at sea.
  • Describe the different leadership styles required in a crisis vs normality.
  • Creating a fair and respectful culture aboard.
  • Explain the project management cycle.
  • Demonstrate leading a team in solving real leadership challenges.
  • Explain ways to develop crew aboard.
  • Identify personal actions to take back on board.

Examination and assessment:

Individuals will be continually assessed throughout the course and at the end, both observed and written, on the knowledge and applications of the theories learnt. Candidates must, complete the whole course successfully to be issued with the appropriate certificate.

Human Element, Leadership and Management (Management Level)21/10/201925/10/2019 £750 £670
Human Element, Leadership and Management (Management Level)20/01/202024/01/2020 £750 £670