The Essential Marine Radio Certification

The GMDSS General Operators Certificate (GOC) is the highest level in radio communication. It is required for any personnel who have radio communication duties onboard vessels fitted with GMDSS equipment. GMDSS stands for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

GMDSS Course information:

The General Operators Certificate (GOC) course provides a mixture of theory and practical application as part of the GMDSS examinations.

The course covers three main areas:

  • General knowledge of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and practical radio operations
  • Regulations and procedures for situations such as emergencies and distress
  • Practice and understanding of radio-telephone communications and equipment

Training towards:

Prerequisite experience:

  • Fluent in English and knowledge of the phonetic alphabet


  • 8 Days

Examination & assessment:

The course includes written tests and a final individual practical examination with an independent examiner.

Course syllabus:

The full details GMDSS General Operators Certificate course syllabus can be found in the AMERC Administration Handbook below.

AMERC Administration Handbook

Note For details regarding the endorsement or revalidation of your GMDSS General Operators Certificate please follow the appropriate link below for full details.

GMDSS General Operators Certificate Endorsement

GMDSS General Operators Certificate Revalidation

GMDSS General Operators Certificate25/10/201901/11/2019 £1,600 £1,460
GMDSS General Operators Certificate - Non-Residential Only25/11/201902/12/2019 £ n/a £1,460
GMDSS General Operators Certificate04/01/202011/01/2020 £1,600 £1,460