Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts)

This Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts) course includes passage planning, training in the use of ECDIS, knowledge of IRPCS, competence in search and rescue, a full understanding and expertise in the use of radar and ARPA.

During the course, 10 days are spent in our navigation simulator.

A student using the TRANSAS simulation suite at UKSA

Prerequisite experience:

You are expected to be a competent and practiced navigator to the standard of OOW (yachts)


2 weeks  (Monday – Friday)

Training towards:

Examination and assessment:

Assessment is in two parts; A practical in-course assessment and a written examination.

Candidates must pass the in-course assessment in order to be eligible to take the written examination. The in-course assessment will include the preparation of a passage plan and the successful completion of simulated exercises, including radar/ARPA operation. The 2.5 hour written examination will test underpinning knowledge.

A 60% mark is required to pass the examination.

Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts)18/11/201929/11/2019 £2,600 £2,380
Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts)17/02/202028/02/2020 £2,600 £2,380