Personal Survival Techniques (STCW A-VI/1-1)

Personal Survival Techniques is a STCW Basic Training module providing knowledge of essential prevention and survival techniques.

It includes both theoretical and practical sessions, investigating causes of distress, knowledge and use of equipment, launch and recovery of life rafts, preparation for survival, personal survival skills and use of search and rescue organisations.

Certification is required to be updated every five years from the date of issue

Do I need to be a confident swimmer?

Exercises are carefully supervised by qualified staff and can be undertaken by non-swimmers.

Group members climbing aboard a life raft

Duration (9am – 5pm):

  • 1 Day

Training towards:

  • Personal Survival Techniques (STCW A-VI/1-1)
  • STCW Basic Training Certificate

Please note, you can also do this module as part of the STCW Basic Safety Training course rather than individually.

Examination and assessment:

The course is assessed by a short written and oral examination. Successful candidates will awarded an STCW 95 Certificate in Personal Survival Techniques.

What’s included:

  • Includes lunch


Please remember to bring a swimming costume and some comfy clothes. This course contains some exercises that are physically demanding. Any candidate unsure of their fitness for such activities should consult their doctor.

MCA Personal Survival Techniques31/08/201931/08/2019 £140
MCA Personal Survival Techniques03/09/201903/09/2019 £140
MCA Personal Survival Techniques20/10/201920/10/2019 £140
MCA Personal Survival Techniques21/10/201921/10/2019 £140
MCA Personal Survival Techniques22/10/201922/10/2019 £140
MCA Personal Survival Techniques11/11/201911/11/2019 £140
MCA Personal Survival Techniques12/11/201912/11/2019 £140
MCA Personal Survival Techniques17/11/201917/11/2019 £140
MCA Personal Survival Techniques19/11/201919/11/2019 £140
MCA Personal Survival Techniques26/11/201926/11/2019 £140