Proficiency in Designated Security Duties PDSD (STCW A-VI/6-2)

This one day Proficiency in Designated Security Duties PDSD course will provide those undertaking designated security duties on board ship with the essential training, education, understanding and proficiency requirements set out in the STCW Code.  The course will cover why ship security is important, the roles and responsibilities of the organisations and individuals involved in ship security, what constitutes a security risk, threat and vulnerability to the ship, its personnel, cargo and operations, and the capabilities and limitations of security methods, equipment and systems.

Pre-requisite experience:



1 day

What’s included:



Proficiency in Designated Security Duties PDSD (STCW code Reg A-VI/6-2)


Background and Operational requirements of the ISPS Code and SOLAS amendments

Ship security arrangements, security levels and threats

Methods of personnel search, ship search and crowd management

Techniques used to circumvent security

Identification of restricted areas on board ship, including methods to prevent unauthorised access

Responsibilities of the company, CSO, SSO, the Master, PFSP and persons with designated security duties

Communication Security

Response to a security incident