STCW Update Training

STCW Update Training Requirements

Following the Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention (STCW 2010) as of January 2017 anyone serving onboard ship and are qualified in any of the following, you must, as of the 1st January 2017, have completed STCW Update Training within the last 5 years;

Team learning Life Raft manoeuvring
  • Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques (PST) STCW A-VI/1-1, (recognised equivalent pre 31 January 2000: Basic Sea Survival);
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats (PSC & RB), STCW A-VI/2-1 (recognised equivalent pre 31 January 2000: Proficiency in Survival Craft or Lifeboatman’s Certificate);
  • Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats (PFRB) STCW A-VI/2-2;
  • Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FP & FF), STCW A-VI/1-2 (recognised equivalent pre 31 January 2000: MNTB 2 Day Fire Fighting Course);
  • (Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF) STCW A-VI/3 (recognised equivalent pre 31 January 2000: MNTB 4 Day Fire Fighting Course).

If the issue date of your qualification is prior to January 2012 you will be required to update this qualification before 1st January 2017.

Full details regarding the STCW update training can be found in MSN 1865.

At UKSA we currently offer the STCW Update Training for the two Basic Safety Training modules that are required to be updated. please follow the links below for full course details, dates and prices.

Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques (PST) STCW A-VI/1-1

Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FP & FF) STCW A-VI/1-2

note; that UKSA is currently going through the an approval process with the MCA to be able to run the Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF) STCW A-VI/3 training for both the full course and new update requirements.

Team learning the basics of fire fighting

Why choose UKSA?

All of our courses are all-inclusive. Food is included for all courses, and accommodation is included for courses that are longer than 1 day. This means that once you’re here you won’t be landed with any hidden costs or surprises.

All of our STCW courses take place on our secure site in Cowes, so you won’t be travelling back and forth between different training locations. And most importantly, all of our courses are taught by experienced professionals and you’ll be using our top-class facilities.

Our doors don’t close when classes end: we have evening seminars and you’ll have access to facilities after teaching hours. There’s also a great social aspect to training at UKSA thanks to our lively bar with regular events and convivial atmosphere.

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