Hello everybody!

My name is Shayne ‘Dixie’ Dixcey and I am the Head Chef at UKSA. I have been here since May 2013 having recently left the Royal Navy as a Chief Petty Officer where I enjoyed my time immensely; whether it was running five galleys for ‘the many’ on board HMS Ark Royal or my final appointment as Staff Officer for The Second Sea Lord in charge of Catering on board HMS Victory, where I produced fine dining for dignitaries in Lord Nelson’s Great Cabin.

I have been made very welcome at UKSA and take great pride in what we do. Whether it is seeing the adult students honing their skills for future careers, or the huge grins on the children’s faces as they come through the restaurant every evening – these are what makes it all worthwhile for me. Your days are jam packed with fun and challenging activities, and it tires me out just hearing what you have all achieved. That is where my team come to the forefront and provide the fuel to recharge your batteries ready for your next adventurous day.

I have a great passion for food and love to see people enjoying their meals. Second best isn’t good enough and as a team the kitchen always aim to provide you with the best service we can. I have been very privileged to have served all over the world, developing menus, co-ordinating events and producing meals for royalty, foreign dignitaries and the famous alike, but my personal motto is that ‘it’s the food being the best I can make it and not who it’s for that matters’; so whether it is a cup of tea for a cold student coming off the water or a full banquet for corporate guests, myself and the team will always make it the very best we can.