How to gain an edge in the Superyacht Industry

As a world-class provider of RYA and MCA professional training, Cowes-based UKSA offers an extensive range of on-site MCA and STCW approved courses with schedules providing flexible training options. If you’re looking to upskill or if you’re seeking further training, you need look no further than UKSA.

How to gain an edge in the industry

The 67.5m luxury superyacht Icon, currently chartering in the Seychelles, has six crew members who trained with UKSA! The Captain, Jeremy Dean, took the Professional Crew Training Course in 1993 while Officer twins Daniel and Mark Lambert both began training with us in 2010 and became Ocean Graduates in 2015. Bosun George Thatcher began his Cadetship in 2014 and will be returning to UKSA in October 2019 to complete his OOW training, the final phase of the Cadetship. Lead Deckhand, Joshua Harbut, began his Superyacht Cadetship in 2015 and will be returning to UKSA to do Efficient Deck Hand (EDH), while Deckhand Alick Petit did his Professional Yachtmaster at UKSA in 2018.

A Superyacht in the Mediterranean

Officer Daniel Lambert explained why Icon continues to hire UKSA graduates:

“We trust in UKSA because we did our training there and can vouch for its quality. Because the courses are all-inclusive they run back-to-back which really helps with fitting around our schedules. It is the best place from which to hire successful crew because the career courses are similar to a university degree. UKSA students devote time to their training and so are looking to stay with a boat for at least two seasons. This is valuable to us as we take time to invest in our crew and training – with UKSA we also know what to expect.”

A superyacht moored off an island

“There are three reasons why we hire deckhands with yachtmasters qualifications. One, for safe manning onboard we need two yacht ratings/yachtmasters – if one of our deck team is ill or leaves there should be another yacht rating/yachtmaster on standby. Most yachts between 50m and 70-80m will operate in a similar way. Two, because we are a busy private and charter yacht, when we are hiring we need to know that all our deck crew are ready to jump straight into deck operations such as mooring, driving tenders and anchoring. A yachtmaster qualification proves that they have these skills. And three, investing in a course such as a yachtmaster proves that the candidate is serious about the industry and looking for a long-term career.”

A Superyacht and a small tender boat

“We are able to send our crew back to UKSA regularly for further MCA training because the bespoke schedules provide flexibility. Additionally, the quality of the instructors is second-to-none and everything is managed from one site. We run a very busy schedule and so the people we employ must be able to hit the ground running – UKSA’s training prepares them for this.”

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