So you want to be a watersports instructor?

What does a Watersports Instructor do?

Windsurfing, Dinghy Sailing, Kayaking, Surfing, Kitesurfing and more recently, Paddle Boarding (to name a few) are hugely popular hobbies worldwide. With this has come a huge demand for watersports instructors to teach beginners, train future instructors and generally share their passion for the water. A watersports instructor will teach the theory and practical elements of their specialist discipline to a varied audience in locations all over the world.

Watersports; a lifestyle as well as a career.

A typical day will be spent teaching a sport you love to your students. You will prepare the kit, give shoreside instruction, teach on-the-water, de-brief at the end of your session and pack away kit. It’s physical work and days can be long but you are doing all of this from a beach, in the sun so it’s well worth it.

As a watersports instructor you’ll be fun-loving, confident, energetic and like meeting new people. It will be your responsibility to make sure your students are safe on the water, and at the same time having a fantastic experience they’ll remember forever.

There are long-term career prospects in watersports too with Senior Instructor, Chief Instructor, Head of Department and Manager roles out there. Many instructors choose to add to their qualifications and transfer into the yachting industry.

Interested? You can do one of the following courses with us.


New to watersports or do you have existing skills that need refreshing before you start your career training? This short introductory course will give you a taster of all disciplines covered in our Watersports Instructor Training.

UKSA Watersports Academy 

At UKSA we employ and train a large number of watersports instructors every year and subsequently offer many different opportunities to start a career within the watersports industry.Aimed at young adults this course will enable students to walk straight into a job with UKSA, in Cowes on graduation as a fully qualified instructor!

Watersports Instructor Training

With this course, you’ll gain the instructor qualifications you’ll need to travel and teach watersports around the world. You’ll train in dinghy sailing, Stand Up Paddleboarding,keelboating and windsurfing. We have funding routes too, phone our course advisors to find out more.

Watersports Instructor Development

You’ll complete the whole Watersports Instructor Training course, plus an extra 8 weeks to upgrade your qualifications. You’ll improve your confidence, knowledge and enhance your practical skills to develop a mature and effective instructional style.

Neilson WIT Academy (Greece) 

Train to become a dinghy sailing and windsurfing instructor over the ten-week course and upon successful completion of the scheme, you will be guaranteed employment for two seasons at a Neilson resort.

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