Steward and Stewardess share their stories after graduation

Lucy Ratcliff

New graduate student Lucy Ratcliff

Course: Superyacht Interior Foundation
Date: March 2018
Before the course: Deckhand
After the course: Stewardess on board a 40m superyacht

A 3-week course at UKSA, training to be a superyacht hostess, helped Lucy get a ticket to a job in the maritime industry. After working at the Palma International Boat show as a day Stewardess and Chef and further training as a Deck/Stew abroad, she networked her way into a Second Stewardess role in a crew of 8 for an adventure on the water.

Superyacht stewardess happy at work

My advice: “It’s a big challenge working on a superyacht; you have to be resilient and overcome the unexpected but if you do, the rewards are worth it. Bring a ‘can do’ attitude and don’t give up, is my advice”.

Maria Barratt

New graduate student Maria Barratt

Course: Superyacht Interior Foundation
Date: January 2018
Before the course: PR for the fashion industry
After the course: Day stewardess on board a superyacht

Meet Maria Barratt, she has completed our Superyacht Interior Foundation course in February 2018. In March she will be flying to Antibes with five of the students on her course, where they will meet with crew agents and begin networking. Our courses enable students looking for an exciting job that combines work and travel to embark on a life-changing career that could take them anywhere in the world.

Maria and four fellow students on the UKSA superyacht training course

My advice: “If I was to advise someone how to get the best from this course I would say go to the bar in the evenings, speak to people and take any advice that is offered. In this way you will be prepared for your future in the superyacht industry.”

Madeleine Thomason

Madeleine Thomason prior to graduation from UKSA

Course: Superyacht Interior Foundation
Date: January 2018
Before the course: Retail sales advisor
After the course: Stewardess on a 29m motor yacht

Having just completed our Superyacht Interior Foundation Course, Madeleine Thomason has been offered a job as a sole stewardess on a 29m motor yacht, so will be heading down to Antibes at the beginning of March.

Superyacht interior foundation graduates at Cowes marina

My advice: “If I was to advise someone studying at UKSA I would say have a plan. My background in hospitality was useful but at the end of the course I made sure I knew what I wanted to do and I researched jobs, crew houses and crew agencies.”

Chrysanthi Galaziou

Ex barista Chrysanthi Galaziou, now superyacht hostess

Course: Superyacht Interior Foundation
Date: March 2018
Before the course: Restaurant barista
After the course: Sole hostess on board a superyacht

After three years working in various seasonal jobs in restaurants, hotels and as a barista, 27- year-old, Greek-born Chrysanthi wanted a change of scenery. “I was keen to combine my hospitality skills and love of the sea to train to work in the superyacht industry. I’m now working on a 30m superyacht in Greece as a sole stewardess which is my first job in the industry.

Enjoying life as a superyacht hostess in Greece

My advice: “My advice to anyone thinking about working in the superyacht industry and training on this course is to ‘just do it’; it’s a great experience you won’t regret.”

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