Read from our students their experiences from graduating at UKSA

Perry Anderson

Perry Anderson
Before the course:
 School student
After the course: UKSA Watersports Instructor

Perry admits he didn’t like being at school and was on the verge of being excluded. After hearing about UKSA, he thought it would be worth a visit, despite having never sailed or tried watersports before. Perry is now a watersports instructor and has a bright future ahead of him.

Perry Anderson teaching young people how to dinghy

My advice: “If you’re thinking about signing up to a course at UKSA, do it! Even if you’re not thinking about it, do it! I wasn’t thinking about coming to UKSA to do this, but I came here with an open mind and now I’ve got direction in my life.”

Nancy McManus

Before the course: School student
After the course: UKSA Watersports Instructor

During my stay at UKSA, I learnt to make the most out of any given opportunity. There are lots of talented and well experienced sailors at the centre who are always willing to sit down with you and give you any help you need. After completing the Watersports Instructor Course, I went straight to work as an instructor for a season in France with my best mate. I’ve since returned to UKSA and have been working full time as a Senior Instructor for a year.

Nancy with other watersport instructor graduates

It’s a very rewarding job, as I’m able to pass on the skills UKSA taught me onto students who are following in my footsteps.