Watersports Instructor Development

Develop advanced coaching and instructional skills while being coached and mentored by experienced senior instructors.  Enabling you to develop a mature and effective instructional style. Learn personal competences across a range of disciplines and upgrade your range of qualifications.

In our experience this is the most valuable period of students’ learning and development, providing the opportunity to rapidly refine instructional skills in a world-class coaching environment with invaluable expert feedback and analysis.

A watersports instructor assisting new students on the water

Pre-requisite experience:

A minimum of dinghy instructor level (or completion of UKSA Watersports Instructor Training). Windsurfing up to instructor level would be beneficial although not a requirement.


9 weeks

What’s included:

Includes all food and accommodation for the duration of your course.


  • Put your instructional skills to the test in a guided learning environment
  • Rated by our students as the best part of their training
  • Become part of the UKSA team, mentored by our experienced senior instructional team
  • Gain practical experience of equipment maintenance and repair
  • Build confidence in managing groups, lecturing and coaching
  • Build your theoretical knowledge
  • Health and safety training afloat and ashore
  • Deliver service to customers and develop your personal skills
  • Practice and enhance your on-the-water skills including Kayaking
  • Watersports equipment maintenance
  • Work experience at UKSA


  • RYA Start / Intermediate / Advanced Windsurfing (dependent on ability)
  • RYA Keelboat Instructor Endorsement
  • RYA Multi-hull Endorsement
  • RYA Safety Boat
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory
  • RYA Performance Sailing Certificate (dependent on ability)

A watersports instructor guiding new students at UKSA

Funding Options

As a charity, UKSA are committed to removing the financial barriers some people may face, making training and qualification accessible to all who have the passion for a career in yachting or watersports. To see a full list of all of our funding opportunities visit our funding opportunities page. Alternatively talk to your course advisor who will be able to assess your eligibility and put you forward for suitable bursaries.

Please call us on +44 (0)1983 203038 for more information.