Are you considering alternative options to university?

With the average debt of university students on graduating being in the region of over £50,000 and no guarantee of a job at the end of their studies,  many students are exploring different pathways. Here at UKSA we offer a number of career pathways to gainful employment in the yachting and watersports industries. Whatever your budget, timescale or goals, there’s something to suit most people.

Have you considered?

What are the benefits?

Benefits can include travelling the world, the challenge and camaraderie of working as a team, the chance to up-skill and turn a job into a career, an enviable lifestyle and, in many cases, the chance of a lucrative pay packet.

Why launch your career with UKSA?

A benefit of studying at UKSA is that, as a youth charity, there may well be funding or bursaries available for the right candidates.

If you’re looking for a new career, the following courses could be an ideal choice as an alternative to university:

So give us a call on 01983 203038 and speak to one of the expert advisers at UKSA, who can really open your eyes to the sheer diversity of training available. University is not the only option and you don’t have to graduate with a debt around your neck.


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