Develop your yachting expertise

Yachting courses

Whatever yachting skills you want to learn – and however far you want to progress your qualification – you’ll find the ideal course at UKSA.

Our range of courses starts with a weekend taster for beginners. Start Yachting teaches you how to steer a yacht, do rope work, trim sails and be aware of safety on board.

The RYA Start Yachting certificate can count towards an RYA Competent Crew qualification. From there, you can move upthrough Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster – gaining new skills as you go.

If you want to teach up to Day Skipper level, you can take our Cruising Instructor course. And if you’ve set your sights on long-haul ocean sailing, you can take our three-part RYA Yachtmaster Ocean training, which includes a three-week ocean passage.

Navigation courses

Navigation is a vital part of safe and successful yachting. Our navigation courses help you improve your skills as you prepare for RYA qualifications.

You can study for RYA Radar Certification with our introduction to using radar in small boats to avoid collisions and to navigate.

Our RYA Day Skipper Shore-based and Practical combined programme enables you to complete both the theory and practical training for RYA Day Skipper in one 9-day course.

For more advanced sailors, our Yachtmaster Shore-based programme offers an advanced course in the theory of navigation and meteorology and our Yachtmaster Ocean Shore-based course covers celestial navigation, worldwide meteorology and voyage planning.