Here at UKSA we are proud of the fact that the majority of people come to us through a recommendation. This speaks volumes about the training, tuition and facilities we offer as one of the biggest and best maritime training facilities around.

We have set up a new referral scheme to thank all those who recommend people to UKSA. A financial recompense will be awarded to people who refer new students our way. Those who can benefit are existing students, graduates, third party agencies, UKSA staff and friends and family of staff.

Cash rewards will be issued once the referred booking has been paid in full. Terms and conditions apply.

Ben Willows, Director of Operations at UKSA, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to formalise what we know happens every day – people talk about UKSA in a positive way and direct bookings towards us by word of mouth.

“We want to repay those people who talk about us in glowing terms and are our walking advertisements. Existing students, former students who are now out in the industry, those third parties who work closely with us, and our staff members. Anyone who refers new students to us who then book a course, will be eligible for consideration for a financial reimbursement.

“So the next step is for you to contact us and tell our course advisors about the people  you know who might be interested in doing a course with us. Or if you want to book a course yourself and you have been sent our way by someone, ring our course advisors to book and let them know who referred you.

“As a youth charity it is vital that we look after our students and get them where they want to be. From the sheer amount of students we get through word of mouth we know this is something we do well, and now it’s our time to say thank you to our alumni and other friends.”

Contact our sales advisors on 01983 203038 or email them on [email protected]