Safety is UKSA’s number one priority

High levels of safety and student wellbeing are the first priorities of the watersports team.

At UKSA we work hard to look after our young people. We safeguard their welfare by implementing a framework to ensure our safety protocols are exemplary, robust and 100% compliant.

A licence to operate

We facilitate regular visits from the official bodies and authorities that inspect and allow us a licence to operate. In addition, the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom verifies that UKSA:

  • Has a process in place that assists users in effective planning of the learning experience
  • Provides accurate information about our products
  • Provides activities, experiences or resources that meet students’ needs
  • Reviews customer experiences and acts on feedback
  • Meets the requirements of schools and youth groups
  • Has safety management processes in place to manage risk effectively

A Safe Learning Environment

Safety first

Our watersports instructors are all qualified first-aiders and operate in a structured learning environment – this means that everyone must wear the correct gear in order to participate.

We also provide:

  • High instructor-to-student ratio (1:6) on the water
  • Constant ship-to-shore contact via two-way marine radios
  • CCTV-monitored campus 24/7 and secure perimeter fences
  • Coded door access to every accommodation block
  • Night-time duty supervisors
  • Fire and safety briefings for the event of an emergency
  • One safety boat for every six students


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