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This is yachting on an accessible scale. Keelboats bridge the gap between dinghies and yachts. They have the stability of a yacht but are small enough to be handled by sailors of all ages. We have a fleet of Colgate 26ft keelboats, and find them the ideal craft for groups to develop, improve and take their sailing to the next level.


Big boat sailing allows young people to work together as a close-knit team. For many young people, yachting is an experience of a lifetime and the ideal vehicle for improving their interpersonal skills and confidence and to develop independent and practical seamanship skills.

With a fleet of purpose-designed 33ft and 65ft training yachts, UKSA’s yachting programmes inspire, engage and broaden horizons. The minimum age for yachting programmes is 12.

RYA National Keelboat Scheme

The RYA Keelboat scheme is an eight-step programme that allows easy progression to any of the four more advanced modules.

Level 1
Introduction and getting afloat under supervision.

Level 2
How to sail a keelboat safely and unassisted.

Level 3
Consolidating your skills and introducing elements from the advanced modules.

Day Sailing
Preparing, planning and executing a day’s cruise with pilotage and decision-making.

Using the boat in a seamanship-like manner to perform manoeuvres such as man overboard, reefing and anchoring.

How to rig, sail effectively and recover conventional and asymmetric spinnakers.

Start racing
All the skills needed including race tactics and improving boat speed.

RYA Yacht Scheme

Start Yachting
A two-day introduction to yachting.

Competent Crew and Day Skipper
These two qualifications are designed for students who want to experience life at sea and sailors who are thinking about turning their hobby into something more serious.

Competent Crew
This hands-on, five-day practical course is designed for beginners and students who are new to sailing. The course teaches all the basic principles of yachting and personal safety, enabling you to become an invaluable and active crewmember.

Day Skipper
This is the course for sailors who want to skipper a yacht on short passages. The five-day programme covers boat handling, navigation and pilotage. It will improve your sail setting and deck skills and develop your knowledge of seamanship and safety. During the course you will be able to take charge of the yacht on a short tidal route under instruction.

Sporting performance keelboat race weekends
Using our fleet of J80s or Colgate Keelboats the sessions move from teamwork and roles on board, through to boat handling and sail trim; culminating in starting to put skills to the test in a racing situation. Tuition is delivered by an experienced racing coach and there is an instructor on each boat to ensure the safety of participants.

Our fleet

Our state-of-the-art fleet offers fun and adventure at every level, from beginner’s crafts to two or three person advanced asymmetric dinghies, keelboats and multi-hulls.

More than 30 Laser Picos are used for entry-level sailing, offering perfect balance and easy control of power. If capsized, they are easy to right and climb aboard. The sails are adjustable to suit the size of the sailors and the strength of the wind.

The rest of the fleet is made up with progression in mind and includes 12 single-handed Lasers. Our RS Visions, Vagos and Xenons are ideal for students with some experience as they offer stability, space, comfort and performance.

Prices from £75.

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