Discover the joys of kayaking

Learn to kayak with UKSA

Each year, UKSA introduces hundreds of young people to the popular sport of kayaking. Our programmes teach students to work effectively together, fostering confidence, resilience and a sense of independence and freedom.

It’s simple to get started and the physical, mental and spiritual benefits are multiple.

Students can begin in our heated indoor pool and progress to kayak in some of the most picturesque areas of the Isle of Wight, visiting both coastal waters and sheltered inland locations.

As well as our two- and five-day courses, UKSA offers bespoke progressive programmes that follow the stages of the BCU Paddlepower scheme.

Paddlepower Start and Paddlepower Passport

Designed for beginners, with five different awards to support their progression. All students need is a degree of water confidence.

Paddlepower Discover and Paddlepower Explore

Discover offers four progressive levels (6 to 9), focusing on specific techniques, skills and areas of knowledge. This programme significantly develops competencies and standards of achievement. Explore allows students to try different boat designs and take part in events.

Kayak skills covered

  • Dealing with capsize, use of buoyancy aids, warm ups and warm downs, looking after yourself and others, hygiene
  • Getting in and out, balance, forwards/ backwards paddling, stopping, steering, edging, leaning and recovering
  • Completing a journey, attending sessions and making links with clubs
  • Environmental awareness, hydration and nutrition, training and practice

Paddlepower Excel

Excel (levels 10 to 12) recognises and challenges competent paddlers. Students complete tasks in a range of different craft and environments.

Kayak skills covered

  • Taking responsibility for yourself and others
  • Participating in journeys, coaching sessions, training, events and competitions
  • Developing knowledge of the sport, such as access, rules, nutrition and goal setting

Kayak kit

Our kayak fleet includes 40 craft from leading manufacturers Pyranha and Dagger. These are perfect for use in a range of inland flat water and coastal kayaking locations.

Prices from £70

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