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Every year, UKSA introduces more than 8,000 young people of all ages and abilities to the thrills of sailing.

RYA Youth Sailing Scheme, Stages 1-4

Designed for students aged 12 and under, the RYA Youth Sailing scheme is an enjoyable and progressive way to learn to sail. Each certificated stage of the programme gives students an opportunity to record and recognise their achievements.

Learners begin in small dinghies that are appropriate for their size and are given challenges that are suitable for each individual. All you need to get started is a degree of water confidence.

By the end of Stage 1, students have an understanding of how a boat sails, steers and handles. After Stage 2, they are well on their way to becoming confident sailors.

In Stage 3, sailors learn how to rig, launch and sail in any direction and on completion of Stage 4, they are able to sail a double-handed boat as crew or helm and solve a variety of problems afloat.

Sailing skills covered

  • Rigging
  • Launch and recovery
  • Ropework
  • Sailing techniques and manoeuvres
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Capsize recovery
  • Meteorology
  • Safety

Start Sailing, the RYA National Sailing Scheme

Start Sailing is designed for students aged 12 years and over. Its eight stages build a solid skills base. Aspiring dinghy sailors can easily progress from their current level to any of the four more advanced modules.

Level 1: Introduction to sailing a dinghy and getting afloat under supervision.

Level 2: Sailing unassisted, safely and with complete confidence.

Level 3: Consolidating your skills and introducing elements of the advanced modules.

Day sailing: Preparing, planning and executing a day’s cruise with pilotage and decision-making.

Seamanship: Using the boat in a seamanship-like manner to master manoeuvres such as man overboard, reefing and anchoring.

Spinnakers: How to rig, sail and recover conventional and asymmetric spinnakers.

Start racing: Learn the skills necessary, including race tactics and improving boat speed.

Performance: Turning the boat and commanding the crew to optimise speed.

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